i bridge tech and policy so we can build a better world together.

hi, i'm juan.

I'm an engineer and computer scientist exploring how society can make informed and considerate choices about technology. This personal website is a reflection of my work, professional interests and personal interests. I do my best to be honest about myself, and this website is intended to present those nuances.

I currently serve as a Project Officer for the AI for Good Team at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations agency for information and communication technologies. In this role I help oversee digital programming and infrastructure for the AI for Good brand of products, develop and execute on communication strategies, media and assets, work with media partners on promoting the brand and provide technical assessment of AI-related projects and content.

Prior to this role, I worked at Facebook/Oculus, Google, DigitalFish, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios, and was an undergraduate researcher in graphics at the Visual Computing Lab at the University of California, Berkeley. In my spare time, I pursue volunteer leadership as part of the ACM Practitioners Board, the ACM Professional Development Committee, the ACM Future of Computing Academy and ACM SIGGRAPH.

My current interests in computing include artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computational physics, the internet, digital identity and the human impact of computing in society at large. Beyond that, I am working on embodying service leadership through my volunteer work.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, writing, travel, films, comic books, video games (I'm geeky at heart), scuba diving, exercise, cooking and tinkering in a variety of art and technology projects. I really enjoy being able to fully experience the world around me, and I like meeting new people as part of that process. I care very much about sustainability, both in the ways we protect the world and take of each other as a society.

Although I tend to travel often, I currently live in Geneva, Switzerland.

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